5 ноября 2023

Билеты на Формула-1 2023. Гран-при Бразилии

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Grandstand H (Fri-Sun)
103 500 руб.
Grandstand M (Fri-Sun)
129 375 руб.
Grandstand D (Fri-Sun)
172 500 руб.
Orange Tree Club (Fri-Sun)

From the Orange Tree Club, you will be able to enjoy one of the circuit's most challenging sections: a right-hand curve with cars approaching at full speed over the slightly uphill section. This facility offers a comfortable viewing lounge area where you will be able to enjoy excellent service and delicious catering, soft drinks and beer.
The Orange Tree Club features:
- Buffet serving hot and cold sandwiches, fruit and sweets every day
- Open bar with soft drinks and beer from 11am
​- Friday and Saturday pit lane visit as designated times
- Three-day admission with separate tickets for each day
- Trained staff and security

Important: children under 5 are not allowed to enter the Circuit. For all children over 5 years old, a guardian must show the child’s ID card and a signed "statement of responsibility" at the entrance.

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296 700 руб.
Pit Stop Club (Fri-Sun)
414 000 руб.


Доверьте покупку билетов нам, потому что у вас есть дела поважнее.


г. Москва, ул. Воронцовская
д35Б, корпус 1, офис 12 (второй этаж)


+7 (495) 669 85 15

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